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Juicy delicious of simple products 

A fantastic zucchini roll is also eaten by people who do not like zucchini at all. Mushroom filling, juicy – incredibly delicious. Yes, and expensive ingredients are unnecessary here. Take zucchini, carrots, egg, flour, mushrooms, sour cream, hard cheese. In addition, salt, pepper, onion, garlic…


Tricks that make Borschtsch a masterpiece 

The legendary first course – Borsch – has as many culinary variations as the Uzbek pilaf. Culinary experts discuss violently which Borschtsch recipe is the right one. However, this is more a local affiliation – Lviv-Borschtsch is always different from Poltava and Moscow from Kiev….


How to cook turnips 

The beets have a clear separation into two camps: glowing supporters of this root plant and its opponents. In the menu of the latter, this vegetable harvest is extremely rare, if not absent. The aversion to this product is usually associated with lingering associations with…


Pumpkin Hummus 

Hummus – A universal appetizer and a true find for vegetarians and vegans. The dish came to us from the countries of the Middle East, where it is served almost everywhere and in every form: as a sauce, cold appetizer, with cakes, pita bread, vegetables….


Homemade cooked pork in brine 

Cooked pork is more of a way of cooking juicy meat, baking it in a large piece than just the name of the dish. Everything is in this word: the choice of the right piece, the sophisticated technology, the burning marinade … In the classic…