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If you really like lush curly hair and your own curls are straight, we recommend that you wrap them in the African Bantu Knots technique. Neither electric pliers nor curlers are needed for this. All that is needed is a tool for repairing and making invisible.

We start to make curls in the African technique "Bantu Knots":

1. Separate a strand of hair and turn it into a tourniquet. Spray fixative.

2. Then we start to turn the tourniquet into a knot (snail) and attach it invisibly.

3. Hair done at night. Repeat the entire length of the hair and go to bed.

4. Dissolve the nodules in the morning.

5. Fold each strand with your fingers, shave the hair a little and give the volume you want. You can also sprinkle the hair with a fixative. Hairstyle is ready!

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