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Every woman wants to look great, and that's far from a secret.

How to be beautiful and cared for

  1. Do face exercises

    Yes, yes, you did not hear. Gymnastics for the facial muscles can significantly increase the skin tone and delay the appearance of wrinkles by several years. If you make these universal and affordable exercises a habit, you will not regret it! First exercise: Put your middle fingers on your cheeks and lift them, make a smile and return to the starting position. Second, raise your eyebrows with your index fingers, set them aside, and return to the starting position. Only 5 minutes per day offer you amazing look!
    Beauty tips for women

  2. Bear side part

    Separating from the side is a magical trick that turns combed hair into a voluminous styling in no time.
    useful beauty tips for women

  3. Apply the cream in a circular motion

    Applying the face cream in a circular motion from the center to the periphery will perfectly stimulate the lymphatic drainage and eliminate unwanted edema.
    Beauty tips for girls

  4. Take 2 carcasses

    Our editors advise you to buy 2 carcasses in different colors! Black for the eyelashes of the upper eyelid and brown for the lower eyelid. In this way, your look looks more natural and open.
    Self-care tips for women

  5. Make-up, then style!

    Stylized, loose hair will certainly fall on your face and make makeup difficult. So first a fancy make-up and then a styling.
    female beauty tips

  6. Forget about false eyelashes

    It just went. There are many modern ways to give cilia valuable volume. But of the bill of lading should be given up "fan" today.
    Beauty and health secrets

  7. Get a brush

    This simple device helps in the best way to cleanse the skin, to make it fresh and cared for.
    how to be beautiful and cared for

  8. Test the lipstick on your finger, not on your hand

    The usual way in which everyone chooses a lipstick that applies a little bit to the back of the hand is absolutely wrong! On the skin of the hands, the lipstick looks more yellowish and brighter, which makes it very difficult to pick the perfect shade. Put a little lipstick on your fingertips and you will not lose!
    how to become a beautiful girl at home

  9. Get a dry shampoo

    An effective way to solve the problem of stale hair in a minute!
    how to be beautiful

  10. Tint of eyelash roots

    If you paint the eyelash roots with a black line or pencil, they look thicker and voluminous. You can not even use mascara!
    how to be nice and tidy

  11. Brush your eyebrows up

    This allows you to make the look more open, and the eyebrows look very natural in this case.
    how to become beautiful without plastic

  12. Nude Color Manicure – your loyal companion!

    Such a gentle and simple manicure will fit in with your entire wardrobe, and such nails look neater. Well, if this type of manicure is boring for you, try putting some gloss over the pastel finish.
    how to become beautiful at home

  13. Dear natural beauty

    Naturalness is in fashion! A simple, unobtrusive make-up and natural styling can do a real miracle.
    how to become a beautiful woman

  14. Put perfume on your shoulders

    Such a simple trick helps the scent to smell lighter, and the scent of perfume will not be intrusive to a close-knit partner.
    Tips for body care

  15. Find your perfect red!

    A poorly selected red lipstick can spoil the most refined look. If you find your perfect red, do not let it go!
    Care tips for everyday life

  16. Get clear, loose powder

    This seems to be the best way to repair the makeup and remove unwanted facial glow throughout the day.
    Tips for home care

  17. Buy cosmetics with a donor

    Try to buy cosmetics with a pump dispenser, whether it's a foundation or face cream. Such sealed packaging protects your favorite product from harmful bacteria, so the cream last longer.
    important tips for body care

  18. Forget about the bright concealer

    Such a concealer in no way helps to mask mistakes, but on the contrary draws all attention to them. The tone of the perfect concealer should match the tone of your foundation.
    Tips for women to take care of themselves

  19. Turn the curls right!

    If your hair is smooth and you, like all girls, dream of curls, remember that the curls must be curled in the direction of the face. As a result, the facial features are more open and the hairstyle is incredibly fashionable.
    Tips for facial and body care

  20. Store ice in the freezer

    If you massage the face in the morning with an ice cube, it will be fresh and radiant, and the make-up will be smoother and last longer.
    best tips for body care

These Tips for body care become your lifesaver. Fill your piggy bank with these irreplaceable tricks for beauty and a healthy look, and you will surely become an icon of style!

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