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The white crescent at the base of the nail is called a moon or a hole. The thumb usually has a moon at the base and it is practically nonexistent on the little finger. They are primarily related to the circulation and the heart. And one more thing everyone noticed – they were noticeably bigger on the thumb than on any other nails. A normal depression covers one fifth to one quarter of the nail surface. Nails without holes are a sign of hereditary predisposition to hypertension, heart failure or heart disease. When examining the holes, do not pay too much attention to the holes of the thumbs. Although there are no holes on all other fingers, they are usually on the thumb. If they are not there, the problem with blood pressure is very serious.

Wells, which are larger than usual, are a sign of low blood pressure and are sometimes seen in athletes.

Lack of holes on all fingers may indicate a lack of vitamin B-12, circulatory problems or unstable blood pressure, impaired thyroid function, neurosis, and possibly increased sensitivity to pain.

A greatly enlarged hole in all fingernails means heart failure. Middle or small moons at the base of the nails indicate normal blood pressure and good character.

Wells of irregular shape or size indicate problems with the glands, high blood pressure or mood swings.

The discoloration of the nail base is an early sign of jaundice or liver weakness. If the crescent at the base of the nail is blue – this means a liver injury, red – a sign of heart failure.

Each finger is assigned to a specific organ or organ group: cerebrum and skull. For heavy smokers or people with lung problems, the holes are small and thin. Incidentally, oriental medicine believes that a person who has no hole in his thumb does not have his head in good order. Most people still have a hole in their thumbs. Indication – lung, large intestine, gynecological organs. If the hole is significantly reduced or even missing, you must pay particular attention to the state of the intestine, the liver and the pancreas. Middle finger – circulatory and vascular system. If the hole on the nail of the middle finger is missing, the person has problems with blood pressure, veins and capillaries. Nameless – kidneys, hormone system. The little finger is the heart, the small intestine. For this reason, the small pink hole disappears first with increasing age. The small intestine is slashed and the hole disappears. All this leads to disturbances in the endocrine system (the hole of the ring finger becomes thinner), the heart does not stand up to negative changes (the hole on the nail of the middle finger disappears) and the large intestine finally gives up. Pay attention to the nails of our grandparents, you will be very surprised – the condition of their holes can be better than that of children or even grandchildren. The point is in today's way of life, malnutrition and bad ecology.


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