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A 10% Propolis tincture is best bought in a pharmacy. A bubble with a capacity of 25 ml is enough for you, but only costs a few rubles.

Am Take 20 drops in 100 ml of hot milk once a month for 10 days before you go to bed. The course is repeated for 4-6 months.

? In the treatment of colds in children after the first drop of propolis tincture has a positive effect. For preschoolers, give 1-2 drops of propolis per 1/3 cup of hot milk at night.

? pancreatitis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, liver disease. Take Propolis tincture for 6 months according to the given schedule.

? Propolis with milk lowers blood cholesterol, heals eczema and other skin diseases, normalizes the menstrual cycle.

? Propolis has a very significant influence on the stabilization of the psyche. If you take Propolis tincture, all worrisome thoughts disappear and you are set for the best. This is very important in the treatment.


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