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Konstantin Khabensky is not only a great actor, but also a man with a capital letter. This is reflected in the story that has happened in his life, and the way the actor behaves really inspires respect. If each of us tried the same thing, our world would be a little better.

In 2007, Chabensky's wife Anastasia gave birth to a son, and a few months later she underwent surgery for the first time to remove a brain tumor. She was operated on again a few weeks later, but her condition did not improve. Then the actor brought his wife to Los Angeles. The Americans managed to achieve a remission, but in the end, it turned out that everything was in vain …

The doctors believed that Nastya could live another 10 years, but on December 1, 2008, she died, leaving Konstantin and her son together.

The loss of his wife was a heavy blow to the actor. It is well known that Chabenski sold almost all of his property, paid all the fees and made high debts – only to heal a loved one.

Since then, Constantine has been living in an ordinary home, donating almost all of his money to charity, saving 150 children from cancer. His phone has become a real "rescue service". Konstantin is called from distant cities where a child with a complex illness can not be helped. And he tries to help everyone …

Every year, thousands of children are diagnosed with brain cancer. The disease is rarely defeated in the first year, so that the number of people in need of help increases from year to year.

In 2008, Konstantin Khabensky founded the charity fund and a large number of sick children received invaluable help.
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