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Dry and gray skin, constantly falling hair, brittle nails, swelling, swelling of the face, cloudy eyes, excessive fatigue, drowsiness, tearing, etc. are all signs of iodine deficiency in the body. The danger of a lack of this trace element in the body is therefore great Not only our appearance, but also the hormone system is bound to the thyroid function. In children, an iodine deficiency is expressed more easily – can not focus on schoolwork, is tired, whiny.

How to help the body

Hypothermia (diminished thyroid function) is anything but harmless … They try to put salt, various breakfast cereals, and baby formula with iodine, but that's not enough!

Let's start with the test – before going to bed, draw three strips of iodine – 10 cm – on the outside of the right hand – the forearm. The first stripe has the strongest color intensity, the second is weaker, the third is the weakest.

Look at these stripes in the morning. What color did your skin absorb?

· When the body has absorbed the weakest streaks, it means that the body has enough iodine, but feeds it in the fall-winter period.

· If there is no trace of weak and medium streaks, the body needs iodine.

· If all 3 in the morning have no marks on the skin – Caution!

· If all 3 are visible – do not flatter yourself, maybe your thyroid can not work in normal mode anymore, you have to start it!

Warning to those who suffer from hypertension – increased irritability, sweating, irritability – When you perform such a test, your heart rate will increase. So this practice is not for you!


The color and intensity of the iodine on the skin is the same that the skin has absorbed during the test!

1st evening – Paint a point with iodine the size of your palm on the RIGHT leg (in front of the leg)
2nd evening – Draw a point on the left foot
3rd evening – Draw a point on the RIGHT hand
4th evening – Paint a seat in the LEFT HAND! Is the loading dose the closest to the heart.
5th evening – Draw on the LEFT foot
6th evening – Draw on the RIGHT leg
7th evening – painting with the LEFT HAND!

Everything is very simple, the main thing is nothing to confuse! And above all: you must not miss an evening! Missed – start rehearsing again after 2 weeks.

I've been doing this procedure for 15 years, every fall-winter period. It's not worth it in the summer! Recipes with iodine (do not combine these recipes with the above method)

For gynecological diseases and inflammation

1. Lubricate the skin of the abdomen (lower part) 3-5 times in a row with iodine – a common iodine network.

2. Some drops of iodine in a little water (milk) – in gastrointestinal diseases.
With bruises and sprains

Jod net at the injury site for several days in a row.

With a cold

Iodine inhalations (if no iodine allergy is present!) – Open the vial of iodine, inhale the vapors deeply with each nostril (4-5 times daily) – Do not hold your nose immediately after opening the vial and do not bend deeply ,

In back pain

Mix 1 tsp. Iodine and 1 tsp. Lemon juice. Moisten a cotton swab with this mixture and wipe it with the entire back. After 3-4 hours, ask someone near you to examine your back. The places where iodine has discolored are problematic! You should be lubricated with this mixture (cooking each time) until the back does not hurt anymore.

White iodine

Put a few aspirin tablets in a bottle with iodine and add white iodine to lubricate the skin. This is for those who do not want to run red in an iodine grid.

All Jod drawings should only be done at night. If you paint during the day, do not go outside and avoid drafts.



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