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Alexander Vasiliev, a famous fashion historian, believes that our women are the most beautiful in the world. This, in his opinion, is a principle, but he is saddened that some women themselves spoil or hide their beauty.

Alexander Vasiliev identifies 3 major flaws that prevent Russian women from looking at all 100.

1. Vulgarity and unnaturalness

Many women mistakenly think that the word "stylish" stands in a row with high heels and a platform, hair extensions, acrylic nails and bright make-up. Vasiliev believes that all of these attributes give women a "cheap" look. If you overdo it, you can easily turn yourself into a woman whose appearance is not the hardest. In a word, excessive "tuning" does not paint a single young lady, and it's better not to get carried away.

2. Disagreement

For some reason, many women choose clothes that do not match their figure. Curvy ladies "love" putting on tight blouses, tight-fitting leggings and a bra that's 2-3 sizes smaller. And slender women, on the contrary, abuse loose-fitting robes that not only hide the waist, but generally anything in the world.

3. Inappropriate age

Some women completely forget how old they are when choosing their clothes. Of course, a woman is beautiful at any age, but that does not mean you should engage in extreme miniskirts, short tops, and other clothes that teenagers prefer at the age of 50. You can dress beautifully at any age, and it's important to be able to age dignifiedly.

In my opinion, Vasiliev has listed the true "fashionable" defects of our compatriots. Would you add something else?


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