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Each of us is confronted with a situation in which the closet is filled with old clothes, for example shirts, blouses or outdated clothes. And there is a wardrobe for a husband with many shirts that he has not worn for a long time. Some of them can be used as a rag, for example.

But there are alternatives breathe a second life in old blouses and shirts, not as cruel as with a rag. Just make a dress for your daughter or a pretty blouse for you!

Change of a man's shirt

how to make a dress out of a men's shirt

If you let your imagination run free and remember the basics of handcraft, you can turn the usual, unobtrusive men's shirt a stylish women's clothing.

Our editor has prepared 10 ideas for you Remaking men's shirts in women's fashion outfits.

  1. Adding lace to the shirt turns it into a delicate and very fashionable blouse. Of course, to do that, you have to work a bit, but the result is worth it!
    Men's shirt to make your own
  2. From his unloved shirt you can get a stylish summer dress!
    Change of a man's shirt pattern
  3. And this model has convinced me! Just cut off the yoke and the lice chewing gum.
    Conversion of men's shirts to women's shirts
  4. A great option for a romantic walk or outdoor recreation on hot summer days.
    to remake a man's shirt in a baby dress
  5. An ordinary men's shirt can become a stylish women's blouse.
    Remaking men's shirts
  6. Simple and tasteful. Universal model!
    to restore a man's shirt in a blouse
  7. From an old men's shirt you can make such an interesting summer dress or rather a short tunic top.
    Change of a man's shirt in a dress
  8. And a children's summer dress is easy to sew.
    redo the men's denim shirt

    How great it has become!
    Children's dress from a men's shirt

    Or such a charming picture for a little lady. To make the dress look more beautiful, you can attach ribbons or colored buttons.
    sewing workshop

  9. Drop the sleeves and tie them with a bow on the chest. Enjoyed looks are provided!
    Remaking of a men's shirt
  10. Here is an example of a stylish plaid skirt. It's hard to believe it was a men's shirt in the beginning …
    to restore the shirt of an old man

As you can see, the shirt is a truly universal part of the men's wardrobe! Soon summer and original new clothes will be very convenient for you and the little princess.

There are many more ways to reproduce old blouses and shirts. For example, make a nice pillow. Everything is limited only by your imagination. Give old things a chance!

Be sure to tell your friends about these simple options that will help you diversify your wardrobewithout spending a lot of money on it.

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