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Thousands of articles have written about how to make a simple wardrobe, which is fashionable this season, which colors and elements can best be combined, etc. But there are things that have not changed for centuries. What makes a woman attractive, charming and sexy. They are based on the male psychology, on which fashion trends have no influence.
To make yourself more attractive, put on something from this list – enthusiastic men's looks are offered to you! Hundreds of surveys and studies can not be wrong

These must-have pictures of every girl:

1. heels.


According to a study published in the Sexual Behavior Archive, the level of sales is directly proportional to the attractiveness of a woman for men.

But that's not all: the higher the heels of the woman, the more often men feel the need to spontaneously come to her and offer her help.

2. A little black dress.

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<p>Many sources consider the black color number 1. It is this color that is associated with sexuality, self-confidence and intelligence.</p>
<h2>3. The bare shoulders.</h2>
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Do you think men only like breast and ass? Think again. Researchers from the University of New South Wales found that men are also very interested in the shoulders and arms of women.

4. Something red.


The color of passion, love and romance is a favorite of men for women and women for themselves.

The magazine "Personality and Social Psychology" has just officially announced what we already knew.

5. The right silhouette.


The long legs (as mentioned above) are still very attractive, but no one will deny the seductiveness of the busty hourglass figure.

An article published in the Sexual Behavior Archive states that women with a high breast-to-waist ratio and waist to hip tend to attract male looks faster than their tall, lanky friends. If you have curves like Kim Kardashian, show them!

6. Lipstick.


Even on a bad day, lipstick should be on you.

Researchers at a French university found that red lipstick waitresses received more tips from male clients.

In addition, a study by Boston University shows that women with moderate make-up are perceived as more attractive, competent and trustworthy.

7. Sunglasses.


This is confirmed by no official investigation known to us, but every fashionable girl knows the power of good sunglasses. They attract the eye and hide tired eyes, not to mention the emergence of secrets and intrigues that make men turn their heads.


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