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The 39-year-old American Ross Gardner from Florida used to wear oversized clothes (better sit down) XXXXL. Ross consumed about 15 thousand calories a day and weighed 177 kilograms. This went until he had to buy two seats on the plane. This was the last straw, and Ross realized it was necessary to keep his body under close control. He started to train hard and was able to lose almost 90 kilograms. Now it looks like it's hard to spot this incredibly full man he was before the wondrous transformation.
Ross had the idea to lose half of his weight in 10 months. After the operation to remove 2.5 kilograms of excess skin, he seems to be on the right track. "I simply did not recognize the person looking at me from the mirror. I was so tall! "Remembers Ross.


"When I was at work, I leaned forward to pick up a dropped napkin from the floor and my underpants were torn in half. It was terrible, I had to go home to change. The absolute humiliation was that I had to buy two seats on a flight from Ohio to Miami. For five years, I gained 88 kg, although I always promised to go on a diet. But those were empty words, "complains Ross.

Ross remembers drinking nearly a gallon of Jack Daniels whiskey every morning and then running a hell of a marathon with a huge amount of food until two in the morning, saving him from a hangover.


"I have not taken off my T-shirt for six years because I was shy of my huge belly, I finally realized what I was doing with my body, and I decided to seriously deal with weight loss Reduced calorie dose from 15 to 2.5 thousand and lost about 90 kilograms in 10 months, now I look like a new person and I want to inspire others: Guys, it's never too late to change your life! "Said Ross.


"After the shameful incident by plane, I locked myself up at home for a few days. I could not enjoy life the way it used to. Then my uncle advised me to go to a specialist. I underwent an examination and the doctor said that if this continues I will not last three years.


Then I stopped drinking and smoking and asked myself the question: Why do I feel better with food? At that point my belly button was somewhere in the knees. "


Ross says that after the first week of the diet, when he managed to lose about three kilograms, his weight decreased faster and faster.


"I went to the gym six or seven times a week and still do it. Now I weigh only 88 kilograms. I returned to the medical school, where I received the qualification of a chiropractor. Now I'm helping other people and proving with my own example that it's never too late to change lives for the better, "says Ross.


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