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Beautiful slim legs look great. The owner of such legs can wear a miniskirt and pants of every style. Superfluous fat on the legs does not decorate a woman. How do I remove body fat from legs and thighs?
The female body is arranged so that extra kilograms settle mainly on the lower body. Not only is not it beautiful, it is unhealthy too. Weight gain in the hips and knees changes the gait pattern, adds stress to the joints and ligaments, provokes the appearance of edema in the heat. Women move less, they prefer to do homework while sitting, which leads to even more weight gain.

This does not mean that removing fat from the hips is easy, but the important thing is that you want it! To remove fat from your legs, you only need 2 things:

  • Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet.
  • move more.

Change the way you eat!

Legs do not get slim in a week, but every day brings us closer!
There is no need to starve yourself, to follow strict diets, it is enough to confine yourself to the use of sweets, flour, baked goods, fatty meats and potatoes to make your legs slimmer. Incidentally, the Chinese eat potatoes as a medicine against thinness.

Watch yourself, very often we do not eat because we are hungry, and then experience the pleasure of eating. Usually we get this pleasure of cakes, pies, sweets, biscuits, ice cream, crackers, fries mainly in the evening – in front of the TV.

So, if you want your legs to lose weight, stop eating after six, and if you're an owl and go to bed late, it's better to follow one of the simple diets. But do not focus on dieting, it's not the main thing, stand up positive and start refusing to gradually get flour and sweet at bedtime, or rather replace a piece of cake with apple or berries.

Move more!

In order to remove fat from the thighs and knees, you must be in motion as much as possible. And all leg muscles should work! Going to bed is not enough, though it is very useful. Start with the easiest weight loss exercises – squats, turns – and soon you will feel which muscles are "working" and which are not. If you feel this, add other simple exercises to make all the muscles work. The legs become slimmer, fat deposits disappear.

If you have a weight trainer at home, such as a treadmill, you can run at any time and set your own pace. But if there is no specific sports simulator, simple weight-loss exercises will help.

Simple exercises for losing weight

Walk, Try to travel as much time as possible, stop the transport, take every opportunity to walk for 20-30 minutes. Walking with a quick step helps to remove fat from the legs, and besides it is useful for the whole body.

To run, Running is very useful, it allows you to lose weight fast, but women should be careful when dealing with heart disease and too much body weight. Joint stresses can be excessive.

swim, No matter where: In a pond, river, sea or pool, swimming is of great benefit to the entire organism. Water relieves tension and stress, tightens the skin (especially the sea), strengthens the muscles, removes fat not only from the legs, but also from the stomach and back.

squats, The most common squats and outstretched arms forward will help you lose weight in your legs. For starters 10 times is enough, then it should be increased gradually. If you perform this exercise 20 times a day for a month, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Transfer Body weight squats, A very useful exercise to give harmony to the legs. Spread your legs over your shoulders, sit on one leg and stretch the other. Then get up and sit on your other leg. Transfer weight five to eight times from one leg to the other. First of all, you can cling to any support so as not to lose your balance.

"Bicycle" lying, Lying on your back, you imitate cycling. It not only helps to remove fat from the legs, it also strengthens the abdominal press.

Exercise "scissors". Great exercise for losing weight. Lying on the side, stretch your legs into a string to feel every muscle, and then lift your thigh 5-6 times on the principle of scissors. Do the same while lying on the other side. Repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

Mahi moves back and forth, Hold the post firmly and lift the leg alternately forward to the height until you can bend it slightly backwards. Such an exercise restores the harmony of the legs and strengthens the abdominal muscles.

Get on your toes, Do not come up with simpler exercises! Especially for those who constantly run in high heels! However, try to stand on tiptoe and return to normal 20 to 30 times in a row. You will surely feel that the muscles of the lower leg hurt. This exercise makes your ankles thinner and reduces the chance of flat feet.

All these exercises are easy and some can be done easily at any time. For example, if you wait while coffee is brewing, you can easily sit down several times. When you are on the phone, you can always squat comfortably or get up on tiptoe.


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