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Good advice on choosing skirts for overweight women …

Good advice on choosing skirts for overweight women … 

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Her delicious, rounded figure does not forbid you to wear skirts. In addition, with the help of this garment, it is possible to emphasize your femininity and hide some of the defects. How to choose skirts for overweight women? And what tips do renowned stylists give? Find out in our article!

If you have the impression that it is impossible to choose a beautiful and elegant skirt for a full figure, we are happy to make you happy. You are wrong! Designers have made sure that you can not hide your body under shapeless clothing. And we enjoyed this classic element of the wardrobe and the men's attention!

What skirts can do for full hips

Choosing skirts for a full figure is all about avoiding a common mistake. Feel free to pass bulky skirt bags as they do not hide the extra pounds (as is usually the case with many "donuts"). On the contrary, they visually enlarge the figure and simply make it shapeless. Remember, your rounded shapes are no blemish. In fact, it is the ladies in the body who, in the eyes of most men, look particularly feminine and seductive. And fashionable skirts for the whole are no exception to the rule. On the contrary, this is an important recommendation from stylists for ladies who value their appearance.

With the help of properly selected skirts for full women you can emphasize your benefits: beautifully outline outlines of the silhouette and express your individuality in clothes with a stylish color and a contemporary cut. Some good wardrobe choices and your love for your reflection will calm your nerves for a long time and increase your self-esteem. Even if you want to be really slim and nature is different, do not despair. The kefir diet did not help you today, but thanks to the "right" skirts you look gorgeous and luxurious. And the combination of high heels and loose tights in light tones makes your look even slimmer and more effective.

How to choose a skirt for a complete woman

  • For ladies with the figure "pear", which distinguishes the lower volumetric part of the body, a pencil skirt is suitable. It can be combined with a fitted or draped top.
  • The "apple" figure with an unstretched waist looks spectacular in elongated blazers or tunics. In addition, their length can be up to the knee as well as shorter.
  • Do not just stop with dark colors. Saturated and bright colors are absolutely not contraindicated for the whole figure.
  • Contrast prints are also not prohibited. Just make sure the picture is not small.

pencil skirt

Perfect for a complete lady. This style makes a heavy silhouette wonderfully slim. At the same time the buttocks and the beautiful calves are highlighted and the stomach visually tightened. Skirts for overweight women in this style are recommended for offices, business meetings and special occasions. A simple skirt can be combined with blouses, jumpers and cardigans.

Skirts for Obese Women - Tips for Choosing the Right One

Exhibited skirt

Choose an A-line skirt made from lightweight drop-down materials that are great for draping. The top should be in the form of a hard belt, a rubber band or a drawstring. This versatile style offers both long and medium length skirts.

All variants of the flared skirts look very romantic – bell, galette, six-limbs. With their help, you can easily hide the hips and emphasize the waist. Add it to your wardrobe at any time of the year and choose only different materials and colors. Another benefit of flared skirts is the versatility. They combine perfectly with elegant and casual tops.

High waist skirt

It will hide the belly and elegantly outline the hips. Wear elongated, straight-cut options or stylish tulips.


A medium length knit option is also suitable for office clothing. A long skirt made of translucent fabric is the perfect choice for the summer: for a trip to the resort or for walks in the park.

Pay attention to the fabric

Designers recommend neckless, smooth materials. They provide a good fit and do not give you extra inches. Discard Cord and Boucle completely.

Fits perfectly in the coat skirts for overweight women in jeans. They are ideal for hiking, shopping and visiting. Wear a denim skirt more often as this material has the ability to better fit the figure every time.

For the summer heat light fabrics – crepe de chine and Indian gauze are relevant. For autumn and winter knitting and wool jersey are suitable. From these you can sew or buy knee-length skirts or a bohemian "floor" model.

Stretch fabrics are used to sew skirts for special occasions. In them you can go out or go on vacation. Such skirts usually have an adjacent cut and may be provided with an asymmetrical or even frilly ornamentation.

We hope that our tips will help you to choose different options for skirts, taking into account the specifics of the figure. And feel at work, at the party and on the go, feminine and confident!

Skirts for Obese Women: Video

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