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Dresses and skirts are the most feminine and seductive clothes.

Jeans are of course more comfortable, but without dresses and skirts a wardrobe of real beauty is unimaginable.

Many people think that a dress is impractical because you can not do many sets with it. However, this is not entirely true. Let's see how and with what you wear clothes and skirts to look great.

Here are 9 new combinations that are relevant this year:

1. Beige dress Perfect for yourself, but also with a red blouse or a bright pink coat. But try to combine it with blue things this year – try a blue jacket for a beige dress, for example – it looks bright and seductive!


Beige and blue 2. Knit skirt with a pattern ideal for combination. Usually this skirt is worn with a gray / black blouse or a beige sweater. But it is so boring! Complete the patterned skirt with a charming pullover in coral color and get a stunning look:


In coral tones

3. With a usual leather jacket Cinnamon dress looks more cheeky and seductive:


Wear with jacket

4th Floral skirt needs bright accents! For example, a blouse and a handbag in a lush green color, as in this example:

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<p>Floral skirt and bright blouse</p>
<p>5th favorite <strong>Retro skirt</strong> Indispensable for a date. And this wine color is so intoxicating and romantic … Complete with a blouse with open shoulders and a chain that draws attention to the neckline – if you seduce, so at first glance!</p>
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The idea of ​​getting dressed on a date

6th Pat skirt. Do not forget the classic patterns – cell, pea, stripes – they are back in fashion. In this case, it is better to choose a dress or a skirt in black and white, but jacket and handbag should be pink or mint.


Polka dot skirt with mint jacket

7. Ingenious White dress can become a luxurious "highlight" of a fashionable wardrobe. It is universal and can be combined with any other clothing. This year you wear a white dress with a dark blue jacket and red accessories.


White dress

8th. Lace things never go out of style. The original combination of blue and black creates a unique luxurious look.


Blue skirt with lace blouse

9. Suitable for a stylish everyday look gray skirtThis goes well with black things and gold jewelry.


Gray skirt for every day

New ideas and stylish transformations!


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