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Lidia Nestorovna Surina– Life sciences candidate, phytotherapist, participant of three European congresses and the II World Congress of Phytotherapists in Prague, herbalist with 40 years of experience. Lydia Surina has published several books on the healing properties of local plants.

Food must be medicine, and medicine must be food

After all, we are getting sick now because we eat many other people's products. 65% of the foreign meat is much, we import a lot of bananas, oranges. We have the right to take only 10% of someone else's food because we are violating the law of environmental friendliness by eating someone else's food. You can not feed a deer with a camel thorn. When a person eats other people's products-those that contain information from a foreign climate-he can not adapt to the conditions of the place where he lives. This is the basic law of nature.

I once tasted willow tea, it is also a willowherb, in Salekhard, in Urengoy, Nadym and Tyumen, to check the content of vitamins in it. It turns out that Ivan's tea contains 6 times more vitamin C than lemon – 260 mg and lemon 40 mg. And it turns out that in Ivan tea, which grows in Salekhard, the content of vitamin C is already 20 times higher – 810 mg. The content of vitamin A and carotene is ten times higher in Salekhardovsky Cyprus than in Tyumen, Anything that grows further north will store tens of times more vitamins than it does in the south. How can northerners eat southern fruits and vegetables? Do you understand? The disease is laid.

The most interesting thing is that our kings knew that well. Ivan the Terrible in 1580 said, "If you want to conquer the land, import someone else's product!"


We have a lot of leftovers. I mean all kinds of cola, chewing gum – it's aspartame, it's 200 times sweeter than sugar. The more a person drinks, the more he wants to drink and the more he buys and enriches the country in which he makes the drink.

Complications after aspartame:

  • – it reduces the intelligence,
  • – causes headache, nausea, depression, abdominal pain, abdominal pain,
  • – blurred vision
  • – causeless excitement,
  • – gait fluctuations, speech disorders, joint pain.
  • – The brain stops producing serotonin and a person does not feel full. – The fight against overweight leads to no result.

Bread is the head of everything

White bread is empty bread. When did you eat white bread in Russia? Only on public holidays and Sundays. The rest of the time, they ate bread made from wholemeal flour, in which the cereal bowl was kept.

I have 260 children in kindergarten. We give them oats in milk for one month – we support the bronchi, one oat in water for one month – we support the liver, we give iodine for three weeks.

Iodine is a medicine for the intellect

So my father soaked me (my mother was a doctor, my father a chemist – forester) three weeks daily with 3 drops of iodine in half a glass of milk. Napoleon gave soldiers iodine in his army, knowing that lack of iodine developed cretinism and dementia.


Never touch a cyst. If you have just climbed under a knife with a cyst, there is a second and subsequent surgery. A cyst is treated like an oncology.

sea ​​buckthorn

If you have liver problems, pancreatitis or cholecystitis – forget sea buckthorn berries, drink tea and decoctions with sea buckthorn leaves only.

Calcium is not required – silicon is needed!

What do cats and dogs eat in the spring? Wheatgrass. Some of them eat it until vomiting – they are cleansed. Wheatgrass is a valuable medicinal plant. Wheatgrass contains silicon, silicon stores calcium and this is a protection against arthritis, osteoarthritis, polyarthritis, cleanses the stomach and heals gastritis.

How do I apply? Take a bunch of wheatgrass, put it in a pan, cook it for 10 minutes and throw it away and boil the soup in the broth.

Giving calcium supplements in old age is a crime. Because the vessels become fragile.


For a low-acid ulcer, you must eat plantain, 1 leaf a day and high in acidity – calamus.


We now have 65% of counterfeit medicines. My mother, the doctor, said, "Never bring synthetic vitamins home."

Selenium sources are hawthorn, garlic, marigold, chamomile.

Christmas tree

How can I throw a Christmas tree? That's a crime. First, this is the destroyed life of a tree, so use it for charity – after all, resin heals the bronchi, cleanses the blood vessels and protects against arthritis.

About the dangers of diapers and sanitary napkins

Pampers was invented by the enemy. How was lamb sterilized? And they sterilized it – in the mountains, when the lamb is weak and the offspring do not need the owner, he put a fur bag on his testicles – he ran away the summer, became sterile and the owner cut it. And in sanitary napkins and tampons is dioxin – a universal poison. On critical days, sports and exercise are contraindicated.


Iodized salt is utter nonsense! If you opened the sachet of iodised salt, you will have to eat one kilogram today – tomorrow there will be no more iodine in it. Use sea salt 64 microelements, 58 – common with us.



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