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There are women who eat and do not get better, there are women who gain weight fast but also lose weight very easily regular diet, But there are those who struggle with different diets, but only lose time and get stressed. If you belong to this category, do not hurry to be upset because there is a way out.

editor "In the course of life!" You will be informed about a diet that really fulfills its function and, above all, does no harm to your health. It's called "Fluffy" because many people were able to lose up to 35 kilograms.

How to lose weight quickly and easily

Your diet consists of very affordable and healthy foods. It should also be noted that it is rated positively by nutritionists and gastroenterologists. Your body will receive everything essential trace elementsso that it is not harmful to health at all. You have to eat 5 times a day. In this table you can see the approximate number of products per day. Remember that 100 grams of grain is meant, and after cooking it is 400 grams of grain.


  1. 80 g of barley porridge and a glass of kefir.
  2. 80 g of barley porridge
  3. 80 g of barley porridge and 50 g of low-fat boiled or baked fish.
  4. 80 g of barley porridge and white cabbage salad (any number).
  5. 80 g of barley porridge.

The diet is designed for 7 days, if you want to lose about 5-7 kilograms, but if you are pursuing a target with larger amounts, then you eat 1 month. To saturate the body with the necessary vitamins, take multivitamin 2 times a day.

Have a nice figure and share your diet with friends!

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